53 Colleges Offering Full Tuition Scholarships for National Merit Finalists

One of the best ways to get a full tuition scholarship is by becoming a National Merit Scholar or National Merit Semifinalist. Students are considered automatically when they take their PSAT junior year, and if they are selected for the award, they are eligible for many scholarship opportunities at schools throughout the country.

Below, I’ve put together a list of colleges that offer full-tuition scholarships for finalists (and in some cases semifinalists) that are available to out-of-state as well as in-state students and which are automatically awarded. The automatically awarded part is key; unlike other types of merit scholarships which are fixed in number, these scholarships are automatically granted regardless of how many other finalists and semifinalists apply. Also, it helps if you got college essay help writing from professionals.

If you have been granted one of these honors, be sure to check out this list.


University of Alabama
NMSF Award: Full Tuition (NMSF + 3.5 GPA required)
NMF Award: Full tuition (up to 5 years) + 1 year housing + $3,500/year + $2,000 expenses + iPad
National Merit and National Achievement Scholarships – Undergraduate Scholarships – The University of Alabama

University of Alabama – Huntsville
NMSF Award: Full Tuition + fees + $500/year book stipend
NMF Award: Full Ride
UAH – Financial Aid – Entering Freshmen – General Information

University of Alabama – Birmingham
NMF Award: Full Tuition + fees + one year of housing + $3,500 annual stipend + $2,000 summer research or study abroad + iPad

Faulkner University
NMSF Award: Full Tuition
NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board
Faulkner University – Scholarships

Oakwood University
NMF Award: Full tuition + room
NMSF Award: Full Tuition

Troy University
NMF Award: Full tuition + room & board


University of Alaska – Anchorage
NMF Award: Full tuition + $1,000/yr stipend
National Merit Tuition Waiver Scholarship


University of Arizona
NMF Award: Full tuition + ($30,000/year + iPad + $1,500 expenses)
2013-2014 Terms and Conditions |


Harding University 
NMF/NMSF Award: Full tuition
Harding University – Admissions – Scholarships

University of Arkansas – Monticello
NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board stipend
University of Arkansas at Monticello


Pacific Union College
NMF Award: Full tuition
NMSF Award: Half tuition


Florida A&M
NMF Award: Full tuition + $2000/year books/stipend + laptop
Note: Must major in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Environmental Science, Mathematics, or Physics

Florida College
NMF/NMSF Award: Full tuition

Florida International University
NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board

University of Central Florida
NMF Award: Full tuition + laptop + guaranteed housing

National Merit Scholarship

Lynn University
NMF Award: Full tuition
National Merit Scholarship ? Lynn University, Boca Raton, Florida


University of Idaho
NMF Award: Full Tuition + Fees + Room & Board
National Merit Scholars-Financial Aid & Scholarships-University of Idaho


University of Evansville
NMF Award: Full Tuition
NMSF Award: $20,000/year (approximately 2/3 tuition)
Freshmen Merit Scholarships for Fall 2014 – Tuition and Aid – University of Evansville


Fort Hays State University
NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board + books
NMSF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board + books
Opportunities for High-Achieving Students – Fort Hays State University

Wichita State University
NMF Award: $20,000/year for non-residents, $12,000/year residents. Can be applied to tuition, room & board, and fees.


University of Kentucky
Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board + $1,000 annual stipend + iPad 2 + $2,000 summer abroad program
Academic Scholarships for Freshmen | UK Student Financial Aid and Scholarships


Louisiana Tech University
NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board + $5,000 bonus award (laptop, study abroad, or 5th year of study)


Washington Adventist University
NMF Award: Full tuition
NMSF Award: 3/4 Tuition


Andrews University 
NMF Award: Full tuition


University of Minnesota – Morris
NMF Award: Full tuition
NMSF Award: Up to $4,000 over four years
University of Minnesota, Morris | Admissions | Scholarships


Mississippi State University
NMF Award: Full tuition, fees, books, and room
NSMF Award: Full tuition, fees, and books
Academic Scholarships for Entering Freshmen – Scholarships || Office of Admissions and Scholarships || Mississippi State University

University of Southern Mississippi
NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board + books + $4,000 study abroad stipend
NMSF Award: Full tuition + fees
Freshman Scholarships | The University of Southern Mississippi

University of Mississippi
NMF Award: Full tuition + room
NMSF Award: Full tuition + room
The University of Mississippi ? Office of Financial Aid


University of Nebraska
NMF Award: Full tuition + $2,000/year
Chancellor’s Scholarships | Scholarships & Financial Aid | University of Nebraska?Lincoln


University of Nevada – Las Vegas
NMF Award: Full Tuition + Study Abroad
President’s Scholarship | Financial Aid & Scholarships | University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Rivier University
NMF Award: Full tuition + room & board


New Jersey Institute of Technology
NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board
NJIT: Financial Aid: NJIT – Merit-based awards


Roberts Wesleyan College
NMF Award: Full tuition


North Carolina Central University
NMF/NMSF Award: In-state tuition + room & board + books + $500/semester stipend + internships + laptop


North Dakota State University
NMF Award: Full tuition


University of Oklahoma
NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board + stipend
Oklahoma City University
NMF Award: Full tuition – merit

Oklahoma Christian University
NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board
Academic Merit Scholarships*| Oklahoma Christian University

Oklahoma Wesleyan University
NMF Award: Full tuition
NMSF Award: Half tuition


Drexel University
NMF Award: Full tuition


Lipscomb University
NMF Award: Full tuition + fees (note: 10 students per year also will receive room & board)
NMSF Award: Full tuition

Bryan College
NMF/NMSF Award: Full tuition
National Merit Scholar Recognition Program


Abilene Christian University
NMF Award: Full tuition
ACU Scholarships

Baylor University
NMF Award: Full tuition
Baylor University | Texas Undergraduate University Admissions, Texas University Undergraduate programs at accredited Baylor University || Freshmen Academic Scholarships for 2014-2015

Lubbock Christian University
NMF Award: Full tuition
NMSF Award: $2,000/year
LCU: Major LCU Scholarships

University of Houston
NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board + $3,000 annual stipend
National Merit Scholarship

University of Texas – Arlington
NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room

University of Texas – Dallas
NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + $8,000/year stipend + $2,000 study abroad funds
National Merit Scholarships – Office of Undergraduate Education – The University of Texas at Dallas

University of Texas –Tyler
NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board + books
NMSF Award: Full tuition + fees + books

University of North Texas
NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board + books
UNT Meritorious Scholarship for National Merit Finalists | Student Financial Aid and Scholarships


Liberty University
NMF: Full tuition + room & board
NMSF: Full tuition
National Merit Scholarship – Liberty University


Washington State University
NMF/NMSF Award: Full tuition
National Merit Scholarship – Admissions – Washington State University


Alderson-Broaddus College
NMF Award: Full tuition
Alderson- Broaddus Scholarships | Alderson Broaddus University


65 Colleges That Give Generous Aid to International Students

Are you an international student? Do you need financial aid?

Sorry. It’s a tough spot to be in.

Many colleges don’t offer any aid to international students and scholarships from independent organizations are limited.

What else can you do?

Refine your college list.

Not every college offers good options, but there are a number of great colleges and universities that give away millions of dollars every year to help international students each year.

How do you find out about them?

I’ve done the work for you. After scouring hundreds of college websites, I’ve put together a list of 65 schools that stand out by offering generous aid to international students. But before applying, be sure to get help writing essays for college to make sure you get a good shot at getting your application approved.

Here are the results:

Full Tuition Merit Scholarship Schools

These scholarships offer full tuition scholarships to international applicants based on student merit. Students apply for these scholarships at the time of their application.

Carleton College – Northfield, Minnesota

Full Tuition Scholarship (up to six per year)

Carleton also gives away partial tuition scholarship. In total, Carleton gave 26 international students aid last year totaling $2,589,268.

Rice University – Houston, Texas

Allen International Scholarship

Rice students are also eligible for need-based aid. Rice gave away $1,828,575 in aid last year to 75 international students.

University of Miami – Coral Gables, Florida

Premier Scholarship

The University of Miami also offers partial tuition merit-based scholarships. Last year the school gave away $3,318,202 to 118 international students.

Washington and Lee University – Lexington, Virginia

Johnson Scholarship

Washington and Lee University also offers need-based aid. Washington and Lee gave away $3,640,194 last year to 73 international students.


Need Blind Schools Committed to Meeting 100% of Demonstrated Need

These schools do not consider your ability to pay as a factor in your admissions decision. Once you are accepted, they will cover your full need whether that be a partial scholarship or full tuition.

Harvard University – Cambridge, Massachusetts

530 students, $27,866,340

Yale University – New Haven, Connecticut

350 students, $18,639,436

Princeton University – Princeton, New Jersey

409 students, $16,397,219

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Cambridge, MA

374 students, $16,854,797

Dartmouth College – Hanover, New Hampshire (UPDATE 9/21/2015: Dartmouth has just announced it will no longer be need blind for international students beginning with the Class of 2020. Likely Dartmouth will still offer some of the best aid for international students, but it can no longer technically be considered need blind.)

251 students, $12,279,562

Amherst College – Northampton, Massachusetts

146 students, $7,655,287


Other schools with generous aid for international students

These schools give away millions of dollars each year to help international students. Most of these schools will take your ability to pay into account in the admissions process but once accepted, these schools offer highly qualified applicants generous aid packages ranging from partial tuition scholarships to full tuition grants.

Bard College – Annandale-on-Hudson, New York

196 students, $7,617,880 total

Bates College – Lewiston, Maine

84 students, $4,081,959 total

Beloit College – Beloit, Wisconsin

111 students, $2,143,021 total

Bennington College – Bennington, Vermont

46 students, $2,024,000 total

Brown University – Providence, Rhode Island

207 students, $8,400,000 total

Bryn Mawr College – Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

157 students, $6,179,834 total

California Institute of Technology – Pasadena, California

26 students, $1,124,845 total

Clark University – Worcester, Massachusetts

165 students, $3,993,130 total

Colby College – Waterville, Maine

82 students, $3,957,995 total

Colgate College – Hamilton, New York

114 students, $5,360,736 total

College of the Atlantic – Bar Harbor, Maine

52 students, $2,164,213 total

Colorado College – Colorado Springs, Colorado

70 students, $3,155,913 total

Connecticut College – New London, Connecticut

57 students, $2,747,848 total

Denison University – Granville, Ohio

153 students, $3,879,380 total

DePauw University – Greencastle, Indiana

$5,090,458 total

Dickinson College – Carlisle, Pennsylvania

133 students, $4,429,897 total

Franklin and Marshall College – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

159 students, $5,951,714 total

Grinnell College – Grinnell, Iowa

157 students, $5,655,157 total

Hamilton College – Clinton, New York

66 students, $2,975,464 total

Hampshire College – Amherst, Massachusetts

87 students, $1,924,573 total

Hendrix College – Conway, Arkansas

$1,687,347 total

Illinois Institute of Technology – Chicago, Illinois

592 students, $10,703,818 total

Kenyon College – Gambier, Ohio

58 students, $2,304,722 total

Knox College – Galesburg, Illinois

$2,976,508 total

Lafayette College – Easton, Pennsylvania

103 students, $3,859,836 total

Lawrence University – Appleton, Wisconsin

110 students, $2,222,784 total

Macalester College – St Paul, MN

222 students, $7,647, 111 total

Middlebury College – Middlebury, Vermont

129 students, $6,313,628 total

Mount Holyoke College – South Hadley, Massachusetts

448 students, $15,480,183 total

Oberlin College – Oberlin, Ohio

146 students, $4,343,742 total

Ohio Wesleyan University – Delaware, Ohio

149 students, $3,368,998 total

Reed College – Portland, Oregon

45 students, $2,080,424 total

Sarah Lawrence College – Bronxville, New York

$2,592,487 total

Skidmore College – Saratoga Springs, New York

80 students, $4,281,849 total

Smith College – Northampton, Massachusetts

168 students, $7,339,206 total

Soka University of America – Aliso Viego, California

164 students, $5,308,880 total

St. John’s College – Annapolis – Annapolis, Maryland

39 students, $1,229,271 total

St. Lawrence University – Canton, New York

155 students, $5,939,516 total

St. Olaf College – Northfield, Minnesota

$5,309,947 total

Stanford University – Stanford, California

187 students, $9,088,919 total

Swarthmore College – Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

56 students, $2,604,476 total

Trinity College – Hartford, Connecticut

146 students, $7,446,464 total

Union College – Schenectady, New York

82 students, $2,706,410 total

University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

332 students, $14,245,353 total

University of Richmond – Richmond, Virginia

128 students, $5,628,674 total

University of Rochester – Rochester, New York

328 students, $6,538,139 total

University of Southern California – Los Angeles, California

221 students, $4,254,535 total

Vassar College – Poughkeepsie, New York

92 students, $4,445,049 total

Wabash College – Crawfordsville, Indiana

53 students, $936,950 total

Wellesley College – Wellesley, Massachusetts

114 students, $5,417,075 total

Wesleyan University – Middleton, Connecticut

83 students, $4,270,370 total

Wheaton College (MA) – Norton, Massachusetts

103 students, $2,344,486 total

Williams College – Williamstown, Massachusetts

80 students, $4,373,650 total

Worcester Polytechnic Institute – Worcester, Massachusetts

350 students, $8,148,755 total

Yeshiva University – New York, New York

133 students, $3,209,689 total

Hopefully this list provides you with a good place to start in your college search. There are a number of other schools that also offer substantial aid to international students.

Check as many college websites as you can and contact the financial aid departments directly to ask questions.

There is a lot of aid out there available, and if you look hard enough, there is a good chance you’ll be able to find some!