Pallas’ unique approach to college exploration and selection was incredibly helpful in my college search.  Her personal approach to college admissions helped me comprehend the intricacies of finding “true fit” colleges: schools that would not only allow me to thrive as an academic but enrich my life with incredible extracurricular opportunities within an engaging community. Pallas helped me understand the college application process as a journey of self-exploration, asking me to reflect on my aspirations, preferences, and priorities and matching them to the academic and social atmospheres of my safety, fit, and reach schools. With Pallas’  advice about a storytelling approach to college applications, I learned to write my applications in a way that let my personality and perspectives shine, which helped me get into my dream school: Brown University. Now a sophomore double-majoring in Economics and International Relations, I am incredibly thankful for Pallas’s great advice that helped me get accepted to Brown, a school and community that challenges and excites me every day.

Matt, Brown University

I have been saying this since I first started applying to university – if it weren’t for Pallas, I would not have been accepted to my first choice university, NYU. That’s not to say I didn’t have the grades or the desire to be admitted on my own, but without her expert guidance, I never would have known which university was truly my first choice or how many  factors are considered in the admissions process. After discussing my interests and goals, Pallas helped me narrow down my college list, and encouraged me to get involved in extracurricular activities that I was truly interested and vested in so that my application would reflect not only my academic work, but also the person I am. People flock to Pallas for more than her encyclopedic knowledge of American colleges, they go to her because she is an astute observer of what these institutions can offer students and has a unique ability to discern who might prosper where – she is truly The College Matchmaker!

Ashley, New York University (NYU)

When I was starting to think about applying to college, I had no idea where to start. My parents didn’t either, because I was the first child and applying to college was a very different process 30 years ago. Pallas helped me realize my potential, think about what I wanted in a college, and organize a plan to make sure I was a competitive applicant. I had not been planning to take any AP classes, I didn’t know what SAT II’s were, and I did not realize how important pursuing leadership positions in my extra-curricular activities would be. Pallas helped me pick out AP classes that would help me reach my full potential and helped me gauge how many I could reasonably fit into my schedule. As I gained confidence in my ability to succeed in these classes, I became more independent and was able to select future classes myself. Pallas was especially talented at picking out colleges that fit my friends’ and my personalities. She was also critical in helping me think of a topic on which to write my essays. Pallas believes that you need to show a spark of insanity to get into a great college, and that was what she helped me to do. Great colleges want applicants that aren’t afraid to show a little bit of a wild side, because those are the people that are going to change the world. Pallas helped me figure out what experiences were really instrumental to my development as a person. This is what I wrote about: my first essay was about how I exploded in rage at a fellow actor when he refused to kiss me during a rehearsal. My second essay described how when I truly discovered acting for the first time, I ran crying from the acting class in fear. Even though these experiences were embarrassing to say the least, Pallas told me that it would show tremendous growth if I was able to write about what I learned from these experiences. Harvard must have liked Pallas’s method, because I got in!
Aria, Harvard University

I am not exaggerating when I say that without Pallas I would have missed out some of the best years of my life. There is no price for finding the perfect college for you.

As an international student, I’d heard of liberal arts colleges and, of course, was familiar with big liberal arts names like Harvard, Yale and Princeton. That said, the familiarity was a superficial one. It wasn’t until I met Pallas that I fully understood what a liberal arts education had to offer, as well as the vast diversity amongst liberal arts colleges in America.

In my conversations with Pallas, we discussed what liberal arts had to offer and what I had to offer to a liberal arts education. Specifically, she helped me uncover my yearning for an interdisciplinary, global and critical thinking-based education. In her telling of her own experience as a Harvard college student and the differences with other colleges, I realized that I would thrive in that environment. Harvard offered the freedom to explore education and public policy from a multidisciplinary perspective, as well as the ability to study whatever I fancied, including the origins of the universe, the bedrock of philosophical thinking and even offered surprises, such as, taking a course on how to become a better public speaker, which has become extremely useful in my career as a teacher.

Not only was Harvard a great fit academically, it was also the right place socially and culturally speaking.The housing system suited my yearning for a community-based college experience, and I have to say, it proved to be even better than I expected. After only two years at Harvard, I felt right at home. To this day, I keep in touch with my college friends. While our interests and backgrounds are quite diverse, our values and outlook in life keep us bonded. Often, you’ll hear that it’s the people you meet that make all the difference in a college experience. You won’t know until you live it, but for me, this was definitely the case. My friends taught me, amongst other things, how to color code my Google calendar, the intricacies of quantum mechanics, how to write English papers, how to properly shoot a Nerf gun, popular American idioms, why brunch is the best meal of the week and that running in 0 degree weather is possible and quite enjoyable! Your life will be forever marked by your interactions with friends, peers, professors, graduate students and university staff. I thank Pallas every day for helping me see what a liberal arts education had to offer, and above all, to realize that Harvard was, indeed, a perfect fit.

Giselle, Harvard University

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