The International Student’s Guide to American Colleges


Have you dreamed of studying in the United States?

The International Student’s Guide to American Colleges will tell you everything you need to know from finding the right schools for you, understanding aid options for international students, and navigating the admissions process at some of the most elite colleges in the country.

The book includes a series of quizzes that will help you identify good match schools and includes a profile of 176 of the nation’s top colleges as well as expert admissions advice.

Though written specifically for international students, the guide is useful to anyone (whether you’ve lived in the US your whole life or have never visited) and will walk you step-by-step through the college admissions process.

Find and get accepted to your dream school

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Note: While The International Student’s Guide to American Colleges is designed for international students, many American students have found the methodology it uses to help students build a college list and evaluate their college preferences extremely useful and have asked me to write a version for US students. I am working on that, but in the meantime, this book will be a good place for you to start.

Graduate With Zero Debt:

How to Graduate Without Student Loans


College costs are out of control, but you don’t have to let the costs control you.

It is possible to graduate without student loans.

The book introduces 16 unique strategies to reduce or eliminate debt. In addition, it covers how to apply for financial aid, how to understand, and how to negotiate award packages. Hundreds of merit- and need-based scholarships scholarships for all types of students are also included.

The guide offers tips for every type of student regardless of income or GPA.

Every student has the potential to graduate from college without being swamped in debt, and Graduate with Zero Debt will show you how.


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Note: Graduate with Zero Debt is designed for US citizens or permanent residents but does offer many strategies applicable to international students as well.