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One of the best ways to get a full tuition scholarship is by becoming a National Merit Scholar or National Merit Semifinalist. Students are considered automatically when they take their PSAT junior year, and if they are selected for the award, they are eligible for many scholarship opportunities at schools throughout the country.

Below, I’ve put together a list of colleges that offer full tuition scholarships for finalists (and in some cases semifinalists) that are available to out-of-state as well as in-state students and which are automatically awarded. The automatically awarded part is key; unlike other types of merit scholarships which are fixed in number, these scholarships are automatically granted regardless of how many other finalists and semifinalists apply.

If you have been granted one of these honors, be sure to check out this list.



University of Alabama

NMF Award: Full tuition (up to 5 years) + 4 years of housing + $3,500/year stipend + $2,000 study abroad stipend + $500/year book stipend

NMSF Award: Full tuition

UA | Scholarships | National Merit Scholars


University of Alabama: 


NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + one year of housing + $2500 study abroad stipend + one-time $1000 stipend

UAB | Students | Paying for College | Scholarships | National Scholarships


Faulkner University

NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board

NMSF Award: Full tuition

Faulkner | Scholarships


Oakwood University

NMF Award: Full tuition + room

NMSF Award: Full tuition

Oakwood | Freshman Scholarships



Arizona State University

NMF Award: Full tuition

NMSF Award: Half tuition

ASU Barrett’s – National Scholar Admission



Harding University

NMF: Full tuition + fees + room & board

NMSF Award: Full tuition

Harding University Scholarships



Note: The Florida Department of Education has recently started a program called the “Benacquisto Scholarship Program,” which uses state funds to attract out-of-state National Merit Scholars. The program covers up to “tuition & fees, on-campus room & board, books, supplies, travel, and miscellaneous expenses.” However, each participating school treats Bencquisto students differently, so be wary. For more information on the program, go here.


Florida A&M

NMF Award: Full tuition + one year of room & board + one time $750 book stipend

Note: Must be admitted into specific programs.

FAMU | Life-Gets-Better Scholarship Program


Florida College

NMF/NMSF Award: Full tuition

Florida College


Florida International University

NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board

FIU | Freshman Merit Scholarships


Florida State University

NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board + books

Florida State | Scholarships


University of Central Florida

NMF Award: Full tuition + laptop + guaranteed housing

UCF Scholar Brochure


University of Florida

NMF Award: Full tuition + $500

University of Florida: Admissions: Scholarships


Lynn University

NMF Award: Full tuition

Lynn’s Top Achiever Scholarship



University of Idaho

NMF Award: Full tuition + Fees + room & board

Idaho National Merit Scholars Webpage


University of Evansville

NMF Award: Full tuition

Freshmen Scholarships | evansville.edu


Iowa State University

NMF Award: Full tuition

National Merit Program | admissions.iastate.edu


Wichita State University

NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board + book stipend

WSU National Merit Scholarship


University of Kentucky

Full tuition + two years of housing

University of Kentucky Incoming Freshmen Scholarships


Louisiana Tech University

NMF Award: “Unlimited,” only covers tuition + fees + room & board

LA Tech Scholarships


Washington Adventist University

NMF Award: Full tuition

NMSF Award: 3/4 tuition

Washington Adventist | Scholarships


Andrews University 

NMF Award: Full tuition

Andrews University Scholarships


University of Minnesota – Morris

NMF Award: Full tuition

NMSF Award: Up to $4,000 over four years

Scholarships | morris.UMN.edu/admissions/scholarships


Mississippi State University

NMF Award: Full tuition, fees, books, and room

NSMF Award: Full tuition, fees, and books

Academic Scholarships | Mississippi State University


University of Mississippi

NMF Award: Full tuition + room + $1000/year stipend

NMSF Award: Full tuition + room

Ole Miss Scholarships

University of Southern Mississippi

NMF Award: Full tuition + room & board + books + $500/year stipend + $4,000 study abroad stipend

NMSF Award: Full tuition

National Merit Scholarships @ USM


University of Nebraska

NMF Award: Full tuition + $2,000/year

UNL Admissions | Chancellor’s Scholarship


New Jersey Institute of Technology

NMF Award: Full tuition + fees

NJ Institute of Technology’s Merit-Based Awards


University of New Mexico

NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board + books + iPad

Non-Resident Scholarships @ University of New Mexico


Roberts Wesleyan College

NMF Award: Full tuition

Academic Scholarships | Roberts Wesleyan College


Oklahoma City University

NMF Award: Full tuition

OKCU Star Scholars


Oklahoma Christian University

NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board

Oklahoma Christian | Financial Aid | Scholarships


Oklahoma State University

NMF Award: Full tuition for five years + fees + room & board

OK State National Merit Scholars


Oklahoma Wesleyan University

NMF Award: Full tuition

NMSF Award: Half tuition

Types of Aid @ OKWU


Bryan College

NMF/NMSF Award: Full tuition

Bryan Scholarships & Grants


Abilene Christian University

NMF/NMSF Award: Full tuition+ $1500/year stipend

Scholarships | acu.edu


Baylor University

NMF Award: Full tuition (only for Class of 2019. This scholarship’s funds will be moved elsewhere in the following years).

Baylor Academic Scholarships 2019-2020


Lubbock Christian University

NMF Award: Full tuition for five years

NMSF Award: $2,000/year

Student Scholarships @ Lubbock Christian


Texas Tech University

NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board + books + supplies + transportation + miscellaneous

National Merit Scholars Program | Texas Tech University


University of Houston

NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + $1000 research stipend + $2000 study abroad stipend

UH NM Scholarship


University of Texas

Arlington NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board + books + $1500 study abroad stipend

UTA.edu | Scholarships | National Merit Scholarship


University of Texas – Dallas

NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + $1,500/semester stipend + $4,000/semester stipend + $6,000 study abroad stipend

UTD National Merit Scholars Program Overview


University of North Texas

NMF Award: Full tuition + fees + room & board + books

UMT Meritorious Scholarship for National Merit Finalists



Liberty University

NMF: Full tuition + room & board

NMSF: Full tuition

Liberty University Scholarships


West Virginia University

NMF: Full tuition + $3,500 study abroad stipend

WVU | Financial Aid | Freshman Scholarships



Washington State University

NMF/NMSF Award: Full tuition

National Merit Scholarship | Washington State University

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