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Filling in bubble test

Between AP exams and final exams, taking the SAT subject tests are the last thing you want to be doing at this time of year.

Fight the temptation to wait until fall or not taking them at all.

Many top colleges require the SAT subject tests, and even schools that do not will view strong scores as an asset to your application.

The deadline to sign up for the June 7th exams is Friday, and I’d encourage you to sign up today even if you haven’t done any studying up to this point.

Although the end of the school year is always stressful, it is actually the best time to take the SAT subject tests, and getting them over with is easier than you think.

1) You’ve Already Studied

Who wants to have to study for yet another test?

You are already required to take so many. Ironically, this is the best reason to take your SAT subject tests now.

Lots of the material in these tests overlaps with what you’re already studying in school.

Instead of studying the same material twice, once now for your final exam and again in the fall when you had planned to take the SAT, study for both at the same time now and save yourself tons of time.

Take a look at the list of 20 subject tests offered and see which ones overlap best with your current course schedule.

2) You’ll Find Out Where You Need to Improve

If you pick tests that overlap with your current coursework now, there is a good chance you’ll do well and only need to take the test once.

But, if you end up dissatisfied with your performance, wouldn’t you rather have the entire summer to study so you can retake in the fall and boost your score?

Having the entire summer beats cramming for a second exam during the school year when you’re already trying to keep up with your classes.

3) You Can Focus on Other Things

Fall semester senior year is always busy. Between visiting colleges, filling out your college applications, and keeping up with your classes, it is hard to separately study for multiple college admissions tests.

By trying to get some of your admissions work out of the way now, you’ll make the inevitably stressful college admissions process just a little more manageable.

Even if you end up retaking a test in the fall, having gone through the motions once will help you know what to expect and reduce the stress of a second go.

I know that it is scary to walk into a test that you don’t feel properly prepared for. You may not have had time to read an entire College Board guide on each SAT Subject Test before the June test date, but I’d encourage you to give it a go anyway.

Spend an hour going through the free practice questions on the College Board’s website, and see how much the test overlaps with the material you are already planning on studying this month for your school work.

If you feel like you have a moderately strong grasp on the material, sign up.

Taking an SAT subject test takes an hour of your time. At best, you’ll save yourself hours of studying during hectic senior fall, and at worst, you’ll be better prepared for a second attempt.

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